Micheal "Locsta'' Cruise

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Micheal "Locsta'' Cruise

Post by Locsta on Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:20 pm

Name: Micheal ''Locsta" Cruise [/center]

Micheal Cruise was born in Piru,at 5th October 1993.He had very hard childhood,living poor lifestyle in the ghetto with his brother and his parents.When he was 3 years old,couple of unknown Crip members burned down the house where the Cruise familie were living.After that accident they had no choice,except to move to the projects,where the flats were cheep.After that,Micheal had to go to school.He became one of the best pupils in the class,untill his bigger brother,Sean joined the Compton Piru Blood'z and introducted Micheal into the set too.Since that day,Micheal started watching Gangster movies and becoming agresive due the violent content of the movies.Also,he started wearing "gangsta" clothes.After some period watching the gangster life,Micheal went at High School and beat a mate for wearing a Blue jacket.The director of the High School,kicked Micheal out of school.At the same day,Micheal and his brother made a liquor store robbery.With the money they took from the roberry,they bought themselfs new clothes and a lots of jewellery.Micheal started staying on the streets of Compton,trying to get jumped into the set and earned respect by the Blood O.G's that started calling him Locsta may,2005 was the day when Locsta made his first murder.He and the OG's went in Inglewood,than Micheal without hesitation killed 2 Compton Avenue Crips.The same night,the kingpin of the hood,John,jumped Locsta in and he became official member of the Compton Piru Bloodz.As the time was passing,Locsta was earning a lots of respect on the streets and became medium ranked member with a Street Thug rank.Today,Locsta can be seen around the streets of Compton and Inglewood chilling with the homies.

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