"Niko "Macc" Bay"

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"Niko "Macc" Bay"

Post by Macc_Crip on Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:02 pm

Macc was born and raised in compton.He was quiet guy,And He Didnt Have Any Friends.One day he was lookin from his window to outside and he saw a gang wearing blue bandanas,drinkin and smokin.They had guns and lots of bikes and lowriders.And one day when Macc left to school,gang member came to him and asked
Wsup,Where chu from,knucklehead? Macc was really scared but answered,I'm From compton,living in neighbourhood,My name is Macc.Gang member said that:Yo! nice to meet chu Macc,I'm Spooktown,Leader of ABC crips,while he was dealing bag of weed.Then spooktown asked that:You want some of this money?.Macc said that:Ok. Spooktown passed the money to macc.Macc never had saw so much money.Spooktown asked:I like you,you're coo! You wanna be member of my gang,homie?Macc said that:Ok.Then spooktown passed little bag of weed to Macc.Spooktown said that: You gotta put in work,So go deal this bag of weed to someone and you are official gang member of ABC crip gang,homie! Macc left to sell the weed.In 10min Macc sold lil bag of weed.Macc ran to spooktown and said: Hey,i sold it.Spooktown gave some guns to Macc.Spooktown said: Here is your straps,homie,You can protect the hood with these homie. And that's how Macc's gang life in Accacia blocc started.

BTW:Its bad, i know but i was kinda tired.
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Re: "Niko "Macc" Bay"

Post by Spooktown[OG] on Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:18 pm

Hahaha nice man real talk ! ( and thats how it did go )
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