Compton Piru Blood'z - Information

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Compton Piru Blood'z - Information

Post by Locsta on Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:49 pm

Compton Piru Blood'z were found by Sean "SC" Cruise. The gang is born in 1994. Its a Afro-American gang. Its located in Piru/Compton. You can find them in Inglewood, Willofield, And Compton/Piru. Their biggest rivals are all the crip set's. Compton piru bloodz has a new leader called Micheal "Locsta" Cruise, He's born in 1993, his brother was the leader of compton piru bloodz but he is killed by some unknown crip members. So be carefull on the streets of compton. Like we always saying: You kill one of ours, we kill one of your's.

How to join?: if you wanna join Compton Piru Blood'z you need a good activity, and a good record on the server, if we see that
you are gang hopping you can never come back to this gang.
if you're joining this gang you have to roleplay like a kid, (16 years old) if we think you're a good Roleplayer i'll /makeofficial you.

Member list:

Boss: [CPB]Locsta

OG: -

Killah: -

Lil Trigga': -

Lil Guy: -

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