Los Angeles Street Life Roleplay Faction/Gang Rules.

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Los Angeles Street Life Roleplay Faction/Gang Rules.

Post by Elzo on Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:58 am

1. You need atleast 1 active member with a good level of roleplay to get accepted.
2. You need five(5) positive votes (+) to become official and three(3) negative votes(-) to get denied.
3. If the person that applied for leader position gets accepted, he/she has to stay in the faction for atleast a month.
4. Only administrators, moderators, supporters and faction leaders can post/vote in faction leader applications. Members can ONLY post when they have something important to say, or if they wanna post screenshots. If you still post while you can't, you'll face a forum ban warn.
5. If the role-play level of a faction, the head of faction can remove his/her position anytime given and give it to someone else, or he/she can let people apply for it.
6. A faction leader may lose his leadership spot if he does not show in game for two weeks.
7. A faction leader must come in-game everyday for at least 1 hour to keep the faction alive.
8. The applicant is accepted once the Head of Factions, or a member of the Management Team says so, all else is just requirements, if he fills them all it does not mean he gets accepted instantly.
9. A person can only lead a faction three times. If he has lead three factions already, he cannot apply anymore to lead another faction. If you want the rights again to apply for factions three times, you'll have to donate 5$.
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