Respect & Fear

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Respect & Fear

Post by Elzo on Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:08 pm

Superiority and You - Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to earn someone's respect to avoid being completely trashed, insulted, and murdered in real life. And such, the same goes on this server. You might think you are above someone else, that's okay, you might be and you might not be. Why just insult them if they've done nothing wrong, though? Are you just looking for a fight? Log off and connect to another server, this one is for RPing.

Greetings - Most people in real life say "hello", "hi", "hey", "how are you doing?", "how's it going?" etc. not "fuck you", "go away", "get the fuck out", "shut the fuck up" etc. People on this server seem to think they're total badasses. Even if it's not powergaming badassery, it's non-RP badassery.

Politeness - Be polite. It is not difficult to tell someone to "please leave the area", if it is really necessary for you to ask them to leave. Of course, they may respond with something like "DERP ITS A FREE COUNTRY" or something. Go ahead and insult and disrespect them at this point if you wish. They've earned it. Just make sure they're alone.

Numbers and Gangs - What the hell are you doing going up to a group of people and acting like insulting them won't get you your ass handed to you? No. Think again. You will respect these people. They are clearly superior in number, and are possibly in gang or mafia affiliation. It is not metagaming to assume this, as if you ran into these people in real life it would be immediately clear that you should not fuck with them. Even a group of civilians who may not be in a gang still outnumber you, and you should do your damn best not to have your ass kicked by them either. Fear. Fear for your life. In real life, you would very well be pissing your pants and kissing a whole bunch of ass. Especially if they're wielding guns.

Weapons - If someone is holding a weapon at you, it's not a good idea to try and pull yours out. In real life they would see you reaching for it and may shoot you in the face on the spot. You are trying to RP respect and fear here. You will not take this chance. You will take your beating and you will like it, because it's better than being dead. You should be begging for your life, not insulting them. In real life you don't get a second chance. If you say one wrong word, they blow your head off, you're gone. No name changes, no respawns, and no report a player section.

There are things that need to be added here. I'm sure Bernardo has some ideas to put in as well. Anyone is welcome as long as I agree with your idea and believe it fits with this guide.


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