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Ban Appeal Format

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Ban Appeal Format Empty Ban Appeal Format

Post by Elzo Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:59 pm

[color=limegreen]Ingame Name:[/color] [color=white]Name[/color]

[color=limegreen]IP address:[/color] [color=black]IP Address here[/color]

[color=limegreen]Reason of ban:[/color][color=black]Answer here[/color]

[color=limegreen]Why should you get unbanned?:[/color] [color=white]Answer Here[/color]

[color=limegreen]Who banned you?:[/color] [color=white]Name[/color]

Ingame Name: Name

IP address: IP Address here

Reason of ban:Answer here

Why should you get unbanned?: Answer Here

Who banned you?: Name

Failing to use this FORMAT will get your topic Auto-Denied
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